*Attending the Funeral of a Step Parent

*Grandparents Five Golden Rules of a Blended Family

*Blending Your Family Through Photography and Scrapbooking

*Surviving the First 90 Days in a Blended Family

*Househunting for the Blended Family

*Top Ten Signs of a Successful Blended Family

*Successful Blended Family Vacations

*Blended Family Wedding Ceremony

*Conflict Resolution and Managing Stress

*Deciding Where to Live with Your Blended Family

*Blended Family Member or Visitor?


  • Australian TV Show on blended and step families, “Step by Step”
  • The Today Show talks to teens in blended families.

Listen to the show.

Blended Family Advice is beneficial to me and my wife (who are in our first marriage.) … things like focusing on us first, and agreeing better on finances and more.”  – Richard Barnes author of Estate Planning for Blended Families: Providing for Your Spouse & Children in a Second Marriage “If I have a blended family in need of coaching, I’ll send them to you.”- Coach Dee Kite“I appreciate the work you do with families!”  – Mark Hundley, Speaker, Author, Psychotherapist, Life Coach

“I wish I had an army of someone like you.” – Jeff Wolfsberg, Teen and Family Expert, Speaker, Alcohol and Drug Educator

“I’ll use your book, Blended Family Advice, with my clients, it’s much needed.”- Kara Tamanini, Therapist and Author

“Shirley Cress Dudley is one of the most caring professionals in the stepfamily arena I have had the privilege to speak with.”-Tricia Powe, Founding director of StepFamily Straight Talk

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